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You are a Quantum Participant

During our Last gathering we spent time discussing what it is to live as a quantum participant in our lives.

We shared stories of how we were propelled to greatness and noticed what was now capturing our attention, wanting us to dissolve into the infinite space of our greatest capacities. 

Who are we becoming as we investigate, contemplate and choose the quantum way of navigating our lives?

One of our collective inspirations, as a collective consciousness, is to create congruence with the energetic frequency, as the divine. So that we may experience an evolutionary upgrade in both our inner and outer world experiences.

One key factor in supporting this upgrade is the understanding and practicing of no longer engaging within the automatic, subconscious program that we have been conditioned to. To stop wandering aimlessly within our past and carrying unconscious habits forward into our future. Instead to make a proactive choice and surrender to seeing  and being present to our greatness within this very moment, and the next, so that our new software can generate a reality that is coherent with our intentions of evolving ourselves into the liberated spirits we inherently are.

We picked the quantum flirts from the list below and let the flirt inform us of what was wanting to emerge through us next:

These are examples of what is looks like and sounds like to think, feel, be, and experience yourself from a higher frequency of life

I can change my physiology with the use of intention and putting my attention energetically on what i am wanting to experience next.

Who I am is forever unfolding and is shaped by my current vibrational field.

I can be with anyone, anywhere via connecting to the consciousness that exists everywhere in the field. 

I am who I am , and Who I am is everyone, guided and alive by life force which exists vibrantly within each and every living thing

I am connected to everything and everyone and so are my cells. My cells communicate with all other cells  in my body and they communicate with the cells in your body too.

I download energetic information to each cell from the thoughts i think.

My thoughts are influenced by the collective consciousness that exists within the quantum field.

I can rewrite my past and become More than i ever was because of my experiences, re-organizing the story and setting me up to reach for a higher vibrational experience of utter greatness.

I am part of the collective energetic field and can create change from within as well as to the outside world, to create harmony, peace and love for all of us.

I am a life force borrowing a body, and create change via energy.

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