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Relax and Simply Be ( Directionless, Aimless, Thoughtless)

The only obstacle to being totally at rest, and resting within the deep space of no thingness, is the idea that there is a YOU that needs to do a Something first.

Once "you" finally "do meditation" correctly, your find your space of awakening.

Then you will be awake.

This is not true.

You are already awake. It is in the You-ness doing, trying, efforting and worrying about not getting it right that holds the vibration of god in a space we can not perceive.

When your senses are too busy working , your most natural state of just being in a deeply relaxed, totally blissed out state of love is missed. If your senses are too busy looking for peace or if your senses are too busy searching for a way to "do this meditation" better, or longer...this is not resting.

Mooji often instructs his students in his meditations .."no trying." Maybe he could also sensing...

So I am.. in a looking... is this working? ( irrelevant) is this not working? ( irrelevant)

Even if you slip into the spaciousness of god consciousness, pay no attention ( no senses) to this as well.

Just Be-come, no-thing

Just Be; aware..lightly..noting..noticing...

Anything that you do that will keep you from doing nothing is a distraction away from nothingness. Including trying to do nothing

Trying to do nothing is also a distraction away from total rest and effortlessness.

The idea is to be effortless. Eckert Tolles says effortless effort…

How do we do effortless effort?…by just simply being. Relaxing.

Just by not making no effort.

And whatever happens , happens.

Thoughts may arise and fade away. Do not chase them.

Chasing sounds like:

"this is hard and I want this to be easy."

Instead, have no chasing, no preferences for having thoughts or not having thoughts

Its all ok.

This is simply resting and doing nothing with whatever shows up. Its all irrelevant.

Whether you have thoughts or not is irrelevant.

Whether you slip into god consciousness or not is irrelevant.

Making anything relevant is having preferences for wanting something to be a specific way. This is effort.

Efforltess effort is not wanting anything or anyone ( including you within a meditation) to be or not be a specific way.

Your thoughts are irrelevant.

Your feelings are irrelevant.

A good meditation is irrelevant.

A bad meditation is irrelevant.

Be irrelevant. Be No-thing Be No-one Be thoughtless, Mindless, Directionless, Aim for a state of no where. Be Aimless.

Just rest.

****New 9 week group forming now. *****

March 21, 2021 to May 23, 2021 ( daily content) with 3 live zoom calls , Sundays 3/21. 4/11, 5/23

WITHIN THIS COURSE YOU WILL have the opportunity to:

Surrender into a state of total liberation. Liberate yourself from needing anything to be a certain way in order for you to be happy.

Liberate from needing your past or future to be different, Liberate yourself from needing anyone else to be different. Surrender into the space of not knowing, no planning, Just resting in the home of your true Belonging, an infinite ,timeless, bodyless consciousness not limited by a body or a lifespan...always Aware, honoring your interconnection to everything, belonging to everything

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