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The Dreamer Within

You are so loved.

What you belong to, no one can take away

Your real home is the energy of the Pure Awakened Being.

You can free yourself from the world of needing to be someone.

You can free yourself from needing anyone or anything to be different.

video and music by Zak Winokur


Laura Shoosmith, CPCC BSN


 Who am I?

I am pure awareness, embodied in form, as are you.

I have created this site because I am deeply in love with the true nature of what we are and feel pulled to create a place for the collective experiences of surrendering to that space of profound love that is always present within us when we let go of the need to control anything or anyone.

We are not a who...but a what..What we are is Pure Awareness first, above all other things.

I facilitate Meditation classes and workshops to support us in returning to the primary internal stillness within

 My classes are open invitation to open-heartedness- a true availability to be moved and influenced by the invisible, infinite intelligence of the collective consciousness


 I have been Facilitating meditation workshops for several years now, our groups are interactive, experiential and rich in nature.

I hear repeatedly that my participants go deeper in a meditation than they ever have before.

My work encompasses philosophy, mediation, quantum physics, coaching, poetry, and soul resonant music. 

I  hold a certification in coaching, through CTI, an International Coach Federation approved school with an exceptional reputation. With 16 years experience I am what I teach- authentic, a speaker of truth, a shower of the divine spark that lives everywhere and a guide to others who want to experience and live in a state of  expanded consciousnesses.

 With advanced training in Organizational and Systems Work,  I can see what is being said and what is not being said.

This gift enables me to support my clients moving forward toward their destiny, in their truth, embodied . I understand that our bodies are  facets of information exposing our truths to us in the forms of goosebumps, dreams, visions, intuitions and sometimes even with pain.  

My current group offerings are experiential, guided and sacred.  They are life changing and real. You can have the freedom and happiness you desire. Come to get clear about that, and most importantly, develop deep relationship with your True Self, a Divine Miracle.  

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