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  • A one on one personalized collaboration with consciousness.

    1 hr
    40 US dollars
Newcastle Australia

one on one or any relationship

stop fixing, strategizing, analyzing, needing, wanting, longing.

Everything you desire is already here.

you are the guru you have been looking for

no more attention away from what wholeness

  • Freedom from needing anyone or any circumstance to change. Just You.

    1 hr
    100 US dollars
Ocean Rocks

My Online Services

Facilitating meditation in Bucks County for several years,  I created an environment to educate, inspire and bring people together who want a sense of community, while creating a reality on purpose, full of joy and love. 


The idea was created out of a calling to serve people who want to use the power of meditation, manifestation and collective consciousness to evolve themselves and our world, together. Looking inward is where all the magic is.

Together, we tap into that.


Most people believe that once they obtain something from outside of themselves, they will be or feel something on the inside.

It's the opposite.


Making a life starts with you...looking in...feeling inspired and full of love, joy and gratitude. For you are a walking talking miracle.

I so look forward to connecting with you. 

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