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Surrender. Be Liberated and Free

I want to share a story that has been experienced through the body and the mind of my human, Laura

In the last 28 weeks, there has been an awakening through daily contact (via meditation) with Pure Love or Pure Consciousness- The Dreamer Within- the Invisible, Infinite, Cosmic Field.

There was a great suffering for Laura that was in front of a true Transformation.

An old story that Laura could not let go of.

She wanted it to be fixed so she could be happy and free


The suffering blocked the ability to be whole and happy.

Laura tried for years to fix it, work on it, do something about it and change it.

She tried to Love harder, listen better, do more, say less...the list goes on and on.

Moving matter with matter proved to be exhausting and Laura experienced many opportunities to try and try again within this same repetitive dilemma.

She then began to notice, with each session of meditation more and more often, something was different.

She did her best not to identify, name or pay much attention to this "something" that was different.

It was like she was less a body and more the pure field of infinite love, sitting for the shear joy of love itself

Like an opening or an expansion, she found that she could enter into this state of Surrendered Love Consciousness easier and easier.

Surrendering began to find her within just 2 to 3 breaths.

She felt energies all around her and inside of her heart.

Sometimes this scared her.

But she trusted and knew the power of Love as she has had many experiences with Source before.

She knew she would be OK.

And as she began to surrender over and over by paying no attention to even what the body was doing during the Surrender,

something magical happened.

She let herself go all the way, in that very moment.

She was no longer waiting for the "right time" the "perfect meditation" or waiting for her "thoughts to stop" in order to give all of herself over to the Dream waiting for her.

Old Dormant energies began to shake loose and be guided gently away from the body. Aware of what was happening, (Laura) got out of the way and allowed a greater intelligence to do what it wanted to do.

She didn't work hard, she didn't fix a thing, she just sat there in a state of Love ,Trust and Surrender.

She knew beyond a doubt that the Natural Intelligence that lives all around her and within her would do the work for her.

The result was a mix of emotions Laura could not quite understand- sobbing, relief, a release, a freedom and a liberation from some very old stuff held within a very old paradigm- a belief that was being unconsciously held onto since 2 years old was removed and re-organized so that the power of and a surrendering to a greater mind would settle in and join the collective energies of Pure Consciousness

Sometimes the release came out in what looked like panic, sometimes in dreams, sometimes the relief came in a feeling of spaciousness within her chest that she could feel new energies taking up residence in and sometimes the liberation came in what felt like the final experiences of a very deep sadness.

No judgement.

No this is good and that is bad.

Just Surrender.

And Trust.

And total Acceptance.

Including it all as Experiences being Experienced as an Experiencer.

I share this story as it is one of Surrender.

Through years of practicing Meditation and Surrender As An infinite Intelligence, there was and still is, a knowing that even in the most darkest moments, there is always a possibility for both a release from the mind-body of an embodied trauma coupled with the replacement of a higher state of love and Acceptance-for the body, the mind and for the world.

To be held in Love.

To Become Love itself.

In Meditation, the cosmic body expands - (transcends beyond the known tipping points of previous expansions) and a choice to Surrender to a greater Unknown Intelligence arrives so that the physical body- mind, thoughts and feelings can move also, out of the body, into the field and be re-organized into a greater expression of Love and Peace

Freedom found me.

What looked like a story that needed to be fixed was an Opportunity, or an Invitation to put down working, fixing, needing, longing or doing something, and instead.

Get out of the way of Source.

Let go and Let Source.


This time of reflection and isolation is an opening and opportunity to Honor the Whole of our Lives. To include it all, and surrender to Source what wants to be taken- to create from both living freely and deeply letting go.

To giving wholeheartedly to the collective- and that together, we can collectively Surrender to be at peace in both current troubled times and with a "past story"

The workshop was made for you during this time, on purpose.

This is a time of awakening and inner looking- Of Trusting, accepting and including everything as divine.

To Know Your Truth- Your Power, Your Home

What you belong to, no one can take away.

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