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The Path of Surrender

There is a path to getting out of the way and letting god consciousness take over one's life.

Laura Shoosmith, CPCC

Several months ago, I came to a breaking point. Or perhaps it was just a pure breakthrough. I had an issue I was trying with all of my heart, my power and my mind to resolve, but despite all of my effort, I was going nowhere. I found myself completely out of resources. Despite my years of spiritual practice, I was holding onto the idea that in order for me to be really happy, I absolutely needed a specific situation to work out the way I had envisioned it. Each day I would sit in a meditation, surrendering my problems over and over again to god consciousness and simply let go.

I was exhausted, stressed and anxious. But each day, I sat in practice, quiet and still, and surrendered. I committed to being ok each and every day. No matter what. I would sit and be content. And then, something began to happen to me. Each time I sat, this something got stronger and stronger. Because I had committed to let go of the energetic stance of resistance, I had access to the consciousness of Source and could allow the small self to dissolve completely. With the dissolution of the small self (the one who is meditating,) came the concurrent removal of the one who has problems, and then, of course, the removal of the problem itself. The problem was replaced with utter bliss and love.

Coming to this breaking point was my doorway into the grace of the divine.

It took me by surprise and left me breathless.

I let go of needing a specific circumstance to be different in order for me to be happy.

I was finally free.

So today, I want to share a brief summary of the Path that found me and co wrote the course

"The Dreamer Within"

The first step: I found that in each moment, I was enough. The moment was enough. I could be willing to be content right now, in any moment, no matter what I was or was not in control of. It did not mean that I liked it, but it did mean that I could ACCEPT it. I could accept all of my life just the way it is. No matter what. No exceptions

The second step: I noticed that the only thing I could do with the most difficult situation that I was experiencing was to simply just include it within the totality of all of my experiences here and that by including it, I had to expand my energy of love to hold it and to be with it in a way that gave me peace. Freedom is never about needing to get rid of something. Freedom is the capacity to see the perfection in everything from the "past" and to trust in an unknown outcome in an uncomfortable moment of a now

The third step: As the personal self began to dissolve, I experienced the self as one that is not limited by just the lifespan or this body. Nothing is an actual personal experience. Everything is just an experience my experiencer ( pure awareness/consciousness) is experiencing. The true self and the true family is the Universal Family from which:

The fourth step: I could never NOT belong to this Universal Family. It was time for me to sit within the Universal Family of belonging and create my experiences of this lifetime from their (yes, their) input, imagination and love.

The fifth step: I had to surrender to the greater mind and trust that it knew better how to be with what is hard for the mind of the person to accept, include and be at peace with. Remembering that the troubled mind can not resolve a mind that is troubled, I could let go and surrender, or hand over the idea that my mind was in charge, and instead, to choose to get out of the way and let god consciousness itself move within me, breathe for me and guide me through the rest of my life here.

The sixth step: To embrace that suffering is the outcome of holding on. Instead, I choose to consistently hold the energy of Non resistance through all of the experiences my experiencer is experiencing and instead, to see that there is no actual source of happiness outside of myself. Ever.

The seventh step: I am not a someone to whom something needs to be fixed. No-one else needs to be fixed either. I am unattached to being the someone that has a problem with something "out there" or someone "out there" Everything is just arising and fading away. Everything on the outside is totally irrelevant. What we are is beyond the container of the mind. So then, what is contained within the mind can be let go of too. There is nothing to fix, keep, have to have, strategize or analyze. This does Not mean that I will not make an action step in my life. It Does mean that I practice discernment in whether any action the small self takes moves one closer to or farther away from the Universal Family's Energetic Stance of Liberation.

The eight step: Nothing is personal, Nothing is my business. I'm not even my own business. I am beyond the mind and the lifetime of this body, I am the one that is a witness to the all of the experiences of the personal mind of the person, contained in the body in a lifetime, as well as the one that is Beyond the one that is witnessing the one that is having all of the experiences. I am not a doer, I am not a meditator, I am not a fixer. I am not even the witness. I am the awareness that is aware that there is something happening to the one that is having an experience.

I am

The ninth step: I am complete. I am finished.

I can experience what I was 'working towards" Now.

( and was waiting for out there). Joy, profound peace, freedom and love is inside me all of the time. Any answer my person may be searching for is not in the guru or in the stranger. The answer lives within my cells, my soul, my breath. ..and once Surrendered to the consciousness of god, all that is mine to do, is to just Be Free and to Be here, now, guided by the Source of all Life, our true home of belonging.

Feel, let go, and Move On.

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