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February 15 to March 15, 2021
Next series begins
Sunday 3/21/21 to 5/23/21
3 scheduled zoom calls
on 3 Sundays
March 21, April 11, May 23 11am - 12:30pm




Honor Impermanence

Course preview
How to be with very difficult experiences
MeditationLaura Shoosmith
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In this program, you will: Commit to being ok, right now- Forever.

Welcome to The Dreamer Within Course!

I am thrilled you are here.

I am offering a beautiful opportunity -  To  stop the endless cycles of needing circumstances and people to be different in order for you to feel whole and invitation to Surrender  simply into the world in which we live, just the way it is, and to Accept, totally , all of your very own personal struggles as well as the  non personal , worldly, collective forces at hand- all of the challenges, hardships, sufferings and pains, with a deep knowing that it is all unfolding Perfectly. That  it is always Possible to be free and relaxed.

This 9 week Course provides you with daily content of teachings, self inquiry for contemplation and and meditations.  Week 8 contains 2 meditations for a week of gratitude and self reflection.


Every life has  its challenges. Difficulties are a part of this life and are inescapable. It is at these  times that we are at a choice point. To resist what is or surrender into the plan not knowing the outcome, with Trust and an inherent ability to be OK, To be at Rest. To be quiet. To be still. To listen to the truth that courses through us. To allow things to arise and to pass. To gain data from Source , not from me, not from your neighbor, but from Source instead.. To listen in the silent spaces of the field of Love to  guide us in the highest option of being with suffering. that will move the energy though us where we have ample time to process it, gain insight from it and let it expand our view and eventually free us into  loving this life more and more unconditionally.

Meditation and this course is an invitation to have Trust  in that what is unfolding, in its entirety. To trust that it is perfectly unfolding.  so that you can relax and do Your right Work  without so much interference from the mind of problem. The mind is very busy fixing, strategizing, adjusting and needing things and people to be different. It is a distraction from the Mind of Source. We can focus on the mind of problem or listen to the collective mind of pure consciousness.

I believe that meditation is a way in- a way into the space of finding joy in the not knowing  and the allowing of what wants to emerge, emerge. It is the door way into  the miraculous nature of what we really are, being revealed to us. the way to live collectively that is in service of all of nature in its highest frequencies. 

Meditation is a door way into the unknown superpowers that we were born into.

It is a space of no preferences, where everything is inherently ok, in each and every moment

By befriending the natural intelligence that lives within you and by totally accepting and including each and every experience you and the world experience,  our external world can re-calibrate to meet us where we are-and together, we will co create a world that meets us in Love and Acceptance.

By propagating more Love, and more Acceptance, and including everything as divine , what we collectively can create, is beyond our current imagination.

I believe this is what is emerging and unfolding for us.

Through dialogue, videos, meditations, and  zoom discussions, this course is designed to support you in moving deeper into the depths of pure awareness, your internal world, no matter what is going on in the outside world.

You will be offered teachings and guidance to support your practice of Surrendering to All of Life and to the Dreamer Within. 

You may experience an unconditional love for life, profound peace and joy and rest deeply in the present moment, knowing you are love.

I decided to write this course after i found myself within an inquiry that required me to look at myself differently- to decide that within this very moment,... I could commit to being absolutely ok right now- FOREVER.

 Yes, even right now, we can commit to being OK with the way the world is.

Though  the practices of: Faith, acceptance, inclusion, trust and honor ,we can find Belonging and Freedom.  Living in an expanded state of being this planet's frequency will rise to meet us where we are- right now.


This is a time of awakening, of a great calling to Become who we truly are.

But we must Become it. Not visualize it, not analyze, fix or solve it. We must become it. 

Through Surrender- We Will- Together.

The more Whole and Embodied in our true nature we Become, the more Creativity, Magic and Newness will be able to flow through us as consciousness itself. It is like we are opening a doorway to a new way of being.  

When we become whole, and in love with life, we create wholeness and a life of love for every living frequency.

Yoga at Home

The Freedom We Will Focus On

A Nine Week Course Exploring:

Morning Mist Over Trees

What You Will Experience

A Nine Part Journey

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to be free? Are you ready to have Faith in what is?

This time of challenge is an Invitation to stop "efforting" in the same ways and instead to be Still, At Rest, deep within the heart of our hearts- To Become Whole and To Collectively Surrender to a Bigger Dream.

Meditation is an invitation to do just that- wholehearteldy embrace the Dream that is dreaming through us. To allow Life to Wake from its Slumber, through us.

Within this course- You ( the small self) will not become awakened. You already are awake. We must wake up from the dream of being human, and to wake up as an Awakening to all of Life.

Just like the wave is part of the ocean, they are not different.  The wave and the ocean- they are both water. You are pure energy- as is consciousness-you and the field of infinite potential are not different. It is the same. What you are and the field of consciousness is the same---   both pure energy, unbounded by a body, free and unlimited to express and experience  unlimited potentials!

If you are reading this, you are  ready to set yourself free from the captivity of fighting circumstances over and over again. Free from acting this life out through the lens of an identity bound for suffering, as the separated self.

When we sit still, deep in the experiences of being aware of our awareness, we UnKnow ourselves and our limited sense of the small separated self dissolves away into the ether and we liberate ourselves to Become that which we Do Not Yet Know yet.

To transcend the current time of how things work and the defining limited container of what we think we are, we Become that which we Do not Know yet- Not as  human changing itself in  this way or that way, but Rather as a No-One- Not a someone, not a character, not a personality- But as a Collective One, The Original One- as Pure Consciousness, Source, The dreamer within

Field of Flowers

The Dreamer Within Course

Surrendering To What Is


Enrollment Is Open


Your Liberated Experiences:


Appreciate each and every experience you have had or will ever have. 


Be able to Include every experience as Divine. The good, the bad and the unknown future. To be able to be with what is arising and see it as a tool to propel us into the next evolution of Being Love. 


To have Faith in what arises, intuitively knowing that this is an experience for You, made just for you, from Love.


To Honor the impermanence of all of Life. To be with what arises and fades away. To embrace what arises more fully, to feel joy more deeply, to embrace all of Life more whole heartedly. 


To be ok with unknowing what will happen next and surrender needing to plan out or strategize the efforts you need to take to get somewhere else where you may finally find “peace”


To Trust the Universal Consciousness that is dreaming life up through you.


To be Liberated by needing No-one to be different.


To be Liberated by needing nothing to be different.


To give up having human preferences of the “way things should look” and get out of the way of what is magically unfolding just for you.


To surrender fighting against human life circumstances and instead,.... to Be Present to All that Arises within a life as one who is Aware of their true nature.


To surrender working on being a "someone" and rather, fully commit to what you really are- A Cosmic, Invisible, Infinite, Expansive Field of Belonging and Awareness who is experiencing experiencing experiences as an experiencer

What's Included?


 Three Live Zoom Calls

3//21, 4/11, 5/23

Researching and Writing

Every Tues, Wed and Thurs

With 24 Days of MP3  short  dialogues and inquiry followed by 20 min silent meditation


Every Monday:

a new Audio or Video specific towards that week's topic

Notebook and Pen

Detail your reflective journey in a beautiful book dedicated to the Dreamer Within Course

Pink Clouds

Every Friday:

original meditations guiding you towards your liberation.

total 10 meditations

By propagating more Love and Acceptance, what we can create is beyond our current imagination.

The Work: Week by Week

Session 1:

What are you waiting for?

Spiritual Freedom means that you can be OK no matter what is going on around us, and no matter what is going on inside of us. You are OK when things are good, and you know you are OK when you feel stuck. You can include the entirety  of the human experience without it knocking you off your center. If you can not be ok no matter what, then you can’t be free

Session 2:

Life Unfolds Effortlessly

What if everything that has happened to you, to us, to the world, was a natural unfolding that needed to happen? As a collective dreamer we share universal experiences.  Things occur. Some things are awfully hard to be with or look at. Life Unfolds. What if the world did not require effort on our part to make things happen?

Session 3:

Having Faith in what is Arising

What if you didn’t need anything from anyone?  How do we become in touch with a deep peace when we are trying to fight, overcome, rail against, change or destroy something? If you want to be free, then we must be ok with anything that arises- no exceptions





Session 4:

Honoring the Impermanence of Life

Things Arise. Things Pass, like the clouds in a summer sky. As this occurs,We sit with each other, We sit with the pain, we sit with the struggle. We sit with the anxiety. And yet, can feel so loved, and cared for, even in the human conditions of despair or hopelessness, we inherently know we are loved. We surrender. We allow ourselves to be cared for, to be moved gently by another, a breeze, a kind word, a gentle touch, or by the focused presence of another on us. Just sitting. Not alone. We have faith in ourselves, each other, and the world. Mediation gives us ample opportunity to fine tune the skill of letting it go and letting the divine take it from us. We have faith that no matter what arises, it’s for us. We can meet any experience with unconditional friendliness or kindness. Be kind to our human when it is suffering. Feel what wants to be felt. There is nothing to fix.

Session 5:

Not needing anything to change

Meditation offers us an opportunity to meditate out the separate self that requires things to work a certain way in order for the personality to relax. The separate self needs things to be resolved.

What is it to be with the Un-resolvable?

No more strategizing, planning, fixing or advising.

Tune into the frequency of the divine for the information you seek

Session 6:

You are Enough

You are not the person. You are the awareness that is aware there is a personal self. You are not a someone . The truth of who you are is a No- One and that is always Enough. You are always enough.

Meditation teaches us how to not interfere with the perfect unfolding of this life without the interference of Mind


Session 7:

You Belong


What you belong to, no one can take away

The someone you think you are will not wake up

Your personal self is not awake. You Are. Make Working Towards Enlightenment Irrelevant

Awakening is like leaving one home to finally be at home to another place- a field of iridescent love from which you have arrived and will one day dissolve back into. Mediation teaches us how to melt into that true home of our belonging, while embodied.

It is a place of super-consciousness, where superpowers arise. Spiritual insight finds you and the release of suffering continues, replaced by diving illumination and unconditional love.

Session 8:

Holiday Week Bonus

Thanksgiving Week of Gratitude

Two Bonus Meditations 


Session 9:

Surrender into Uncertainty and Be Liberated

This Life in an unavoidable risk. Surrender is the ceasing of trying to figure it all out.  We commit to living  wholeheartedly all the while knowing it eventually comes to an abrupt end. There is no conclusion to who you are. Once one story is complete, there will always be more to be uncertain about.

There is never a conclusion to certainty or uncertainty. There will always be more to move though, overcome, question or suffer about. Surrender is finding the effortless trust in the process of letting things be as they are- and effortlessly allowing them to pass.


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Anchor 8

Spiritual Awakening is Surrendering to your True Nature.- to the one that has never been born and will never die.

The topics in this course are meant to guide your firmly into the realization that everything you want already lives within you. With each breath, there is an opportunity to let go and allow the universe to literally re organize things for you in the highest way possible.

This happens. This is Truth. This is possible. This may not always feel good, in fact, sometimes it is quite painful. To allow the body to burp up the poison and instead  have it be replaced with light and love of Source energy is something that the body and the mind will notice- that something is being done to is nothing that your personal self can do- your only contribution is an initial willingness and then getting out of the way- to not interfere . 

Spiritual Awakening is realizing that anything that the someone you think you are must do within the dream of life, is also, just part of the dream of being a someone. You are already awake. Through meditation, we just let it happen. We will Surrender. We go all the way,.....right now.

There is nothing for "you" to really do- more just a dropping away of anything you think you must do. 

And instead, Surrender. And Be breathed through. Be worked on. Be Liberated.

There is always an unstoppable perfect narration unfolding no matter what the small you does or doesn't do, says or doesn't say.

Surrender is getting out of the way- No Interference from the someone, the mind or the world's views or circumstances.

Surrender is not fighting the current set of circumstances.


to your Inner You- The Presence under the Breath


8 Topic Discussion Videos

Expand and Inquire

24 Audio Classes


10 Meditation videos

Field of Flowers

The Dreamer Within Course

Surrendering To What Is


Enrollment Is Always Open

Access to Course is Immediate


If your still pondering, consider this,

Your liberation does not depend up how many experiences of trauma you have worked through, or how many you have not yet worked through, Nor does it depend upon how the world and the people in it behave. It doesn't matter who is to blame for your experiences or why the world is the way it is right now. No more waiting or wishing  for things to be different so you can be different. Do the work you wish to see in the world. Become Whole, Happy and Free for You, for your children and grandchildren, for your partner, your co workers or for your country and planet. 

If you can ACCEPT yourself, Others and the World just the way it is- you can be free

If you can INCLUDE All of your experiences, all of Other's experiences and All of the Experiences of the World, as perfectly orchestrated, you can be Liberated

If you can TRUST yourself to identify , embrace and honor Your Truth, Trust the truth of another's story as their story without the need to change them, or Trust the organic sometimes painful unfolding of what is being shown to us from all over the world, you can begin to wiggle yourself free from the grips of pain and suffering.

If you can HONOR this Lifetime that your having, Honor the Life force of all living things, including mother earth and what is emerging ,we together can begin to allow our wholeness to have a positive impact on the world at large- by simply doing the work from Inside of You.

What we belong to can never be poisoned. It can never be changed. It is always illuminated and pure.. When you realize that what you belong to can never be affected, you are free. We can surrender to this field of Belonging for the freedom and liberation from fighting circumstances over and over again We can have FAITH that everything is constantly changing, unfolding and being recreated and renewed. We are not the same as yesterday, and tomorrow we will essentially be someone completely different. 


Laura is one of the most gifted meditation teachers I've worked with.  When I found out about her course, I knew right away I wanted to be a part of it.  Each morning for 9 weeks I looked forward to a teaching and meditation that helped to deepen my practice and reflect on meaningful topics.  Daily meditations kept me emerged, and accountable.  Laura's group Zoom meetings allowed for more in depth discussion and I felt safe to explore what I was feeling and learning about myself with her compassionate guidance.  My biggest takeaway from the program is to.  Surrender all of my strategizing, expectations and need to do or fix something with my limited mind.  "To just let go and let God." ~ K. T.


“The Dreamer Within Course” by Laura Shoosmith proved to be an enlightening course that helped to facilitate both my spiritual and personal growth. The 9 week course included daily meditations, audio recordings, videos and four 90 minute Zoom calls for live discussions of the topics. Laura’s weekly topics were well organized, deeply thought provoking and built upon one another. I personally found her approach perfect for those of us eager to go deeper in our spiritual practices. Laura has a natural warmth and is able to communicate very esoteric and complicated topics with clarity and ease. This course had a profound effect on my meditation practices and served to produce a paradigm shift in my way of thinking. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and highly recommend it.


Betsy B 

Laura Shoosmith learns, integrates and teaches meditation with an inquiry of self. Her home in the forest offered a quiet magical space for us to get still and know presence. As the world changed with Covid19, so did Laura in creating an online course call the Dreamer Within. In the comfort of our own homes we listened to spiritual talks and glided into meditation. Practicing daily for 9 weeks allowed me to live and walk a new paradigm of being aware of old stories that I don’t need any more. I can move on in my life fuller and brighter than my imagination could have ever imagined. Laura is a remarkable teacher. Her meditations are brilliant. Take the opportunity to sign up for any class that she offers!



Laura is an amazing spiritual guide. Participating in The Dreamer Within Course, I felt gently taken by the hand and led down a continuously unfolding path of opening, releasing, and surrendering to my true self, over and over; surrendering into the unknown, again and again. The meditations encouraged a new awakening, a new awareness on a daily basis.


An instrumental part of the program for me was allowing myself to accept my life as it is – and as it has been – and as it will be. I have allowed myself to accept childhood traumas without banishing them from memory yet allowing them to simply be. Noting. Noticing. And I have allowed myself to accept and release the judgment of regret of some recent choices, which have kept me stuck and focused on a past I simply cannot change.


Going through this program during the pandemic has opened me more deeply to surrendering to the unknown, and being at peace with what is, and the unknowable future. I am learning to let what comes, come, and let what goes, go. And, as I do that, I find the emptiness is filled with a bounty of grace as well as unexpected new joys and opportunities. With Laura’s guidance, I have allowed myself to have that “one taste” of true freedom, and with that, I relish a wondrous sense of expansion and unboundedness. I am living each day in gratitude for receiving this heartfelt transmission of wisdom and inspiration. ~ J.F

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