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You Are, and So Am I

You Are, and So Am I October 24, 2018 | Laura Shoosmith, CPCC

For those of us on a spiritual journey, we have come to realize that we are not separate from Source. That we are here together, as part of a unified field of the Divine Life Force that is emerging through us. The all-encompassing awareness, that exists eternally, infinitely and is within all spaces is more than a collection of the all, including us, as we remember who we are…it is also emerging as the infinitely new, through us, with us, as us, and as every living thing, all frequencies, forever. Why? Because it is one and the same. We, the humans remembering our home in the all-encompassing awareness, IS also the all-encompassing awareness. We are a part of the ALL; that which surrounds and underlines our very existence, a part of the ALL that holds all of the space together, all of the galaxies, all of the infinite number of potential possibilities that could be, forever, infinitely. We never left the awareness, our minds did. The Mind of the Allness is open , infinite, eternal,  and exists in every ounce of space, among other qualities. There is no “place” where it is not…it is immutable and powerful. The specific creation of “human” who created the mind of man, are physically mortal, change, can be destroyed, and are limited in the forgetfulness of the ALL that we are apart of. Our work here, then is to remember that we may just be a projection of the Mind of the ALL, and if so, what work would we like to “put out there/or here”? The more I be with this potential, as being infinitely the Source of the ALL, the re-remembering of the infinite cosmos that lives within me, AND at the same time  accept the “is-ness” with any moment , including the moments of my mind “out of control/cant stop thinking” and let it all BE, mixed in together, and not make any part of the being human “less evolved” and, instead, surrender to the power that lives within my breath of innate wisdom, the more the infinite, eternal space of the powerful , immutable, life fore can appear to me. Its like when we first started to put on a new “pair of glasses”, or tried on a new perspective..that which was blind to us, we can suddenly become aware of. The bright blinding unknown white light of the All visits when your ready to see the creator that lives within. IT knows when your ready..even if your human mind …has no idea.

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