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you are a metabeing..

Step away from the cool aid of separation

Here is what we discussed in our last gathering.

I hope you enjoy it.

With limited words created, it sometimes feels like a struggle.

But it is, in fact, a worthwhile that envelops me and invites me to feel good about it.

Here you go!

You have been conditioned to believe that your mind is yours, that what you have been taught is true, that your thoughts are your own, that your way of being with others comes from an   “I”-dentity  place.

That you acquire information from your senses.

You have been taught that you are a separate being living in space and time.

You have been taught that your family, your community, your race, your county, your country your sexual orientation, your, your, your, everything is the right one, the right place, the right thinking, the right way of being, the right way of living, the right way of behaving, the right way of feeling, the right knowing…etc..etc…etc…

What if…. INSTEAD…..

You are a universal awareness living within a body to experience experiences via perception (your senses) PLUS tapping into the unseen senses and abilities you have to acquire information and connect meta being to meta being with everyone you come into contact with.

And all ways of being are experiences you are experiencing with the field of energy around us

The truth is,

When we re-late to others from a cognitive way of being…when we express ourselves only through our senses, we miss the ability to really Be With each other. We miss the ability to be the META BEING that we are and we miss the ability to be with the META being in other.

Because….our senses are limited.

When you speak to me, my brain responds..and we don’t see it, or get that…

When we sit across from each other, we can not see or or hear the waves of energetics flowing back and forth into each other.. Where does my electromagnetic source energy end? Where does yours begin?!

As a Human being, we have been taught that what we know, we know, and we share what we know through touch, words, (via spoken or written) or drawings or by using our body in some way.

Game of Charades anyone?

As a Meta Being, we have access to all information that lives within the Field of consciousness, a universal intelligence that is evolving with us, through us, as us, and as the All of the Field, there is always MORE for us to tap into, tune into, become aware of. We can communicate with others in silence across the globe via the Field of the All (consciousness)

As a Human being we were taught that we are the ultimate animated consciousness with all of the awareness and (most) of the ability to communicate via personalized identity driven thoughts that are generated by the “me” that I believe I am .

As a Meta being we now understand that we are a part of the universal consciousness that all life frequencies are tapped into and that perhaps when I look at the beautiful orchid that sits atop my desk as I write this now, the thoughts I hear in my head ( about the orchid) are coming from the consciousness of the orchid…that the orchid is speaking into me, or perhaps intermingling its consciousness with ( my) consciousness…that for a moment, we are communing with the field of the ALL’s consciousness and that we are not separate.

Even though the orchid is “over there” and “ I am over here” , the truth is that we are not separated, except by thought alone.

The waves of light and electromagnetic energy that is present between the “me “and “the orchid” is just invisible to my eyes, (maybe not to the orchid though!)

The Orchid may in fact be singing the most angelic song that my human ears cannot perceive. Every living thing makes sound, most of which our human ears are too limited to hear…

As my hearing is limited, my sight is limited, my mind is limited, my thoughts are limited, my writings are limited, my language is limited, my feelings are limited…


Because there is always more.

More that is happening than this body can perceive.

More new words that have yet to be born.

More new feelings that are waiting for us to develop them

More new ...forever evolving realities


If you can give up being a small limited, conditioned human, and step, instead, into the soulset of a Meta Being, to transcend beyond yourself, your limitations, your beliefs, your righteousness, your feelings…and step into a space of utter curiosity and moreness….well, who knows what is possible, for us, the earth, the climate…

How Meditation Influences Experiences of the More

As a meta being living within a human container, I strive to be unreactive to thoughts in meditation, I strive to not pay attention to what may be capturing my attention via my perceptual tools ( aka senses)  so that I may pay attention to the no thingness that I was with prior to my arrival here, in this body, on this planet.

That in a meditation, I must give up paying attention to what my senses are picking up and be with All ( source, creator field, consciousness, god) so that I may find respite from a reality that I do not even have the ability to completely perceive, perhaps because this reality that I can perceive is not the only reality that is right in front of me anyway…

And instead, to step into a divine connection, to allow the emergence of the field of the all to come into contact with the all that I am, as it is, and to commune with the energetic field I have always and will always belong to….

So that, in a meditation the “I” I think I am, may see, hear, perceive things…and that I don’t have to pay them any attention ( settling down or putting down the human being stuff Ive been taught to react, or respond to…

And, instead, to be with the original source of awareness that we all have originated from before “I” arrived here, and that I will return to when “I” leave this body,  and have the ability to commune with here, right now.

As a Metabeing, not only do you have the abilities to “DO” other things, you ARE also the SPACE in which the other things have access to show up in.  You Are the Metabeing, and you provide the spaciousness, or the access place for the ALL to be experienced through, and as.

As a Metabeing…

You may experience: a feeling of unity, with everything, everywhere, all the “time”; a sense of understanding that no thing and no one has control over you…another words, freedom in every minute of every day. Free to experience what you want to experience, free to throw the rest of the perceptions away. Freedom from a reactive mind that needs to be right and have others hear you.  Free to be with the ALL in Everything, to feel into the magic of our existence and the existence of the beauty that lives everywhere. Free to experience divine connection and intimate communion with a drop of water, a feather from a bird, a rain drop, rainbow or your cute little puppy, a flower, a bee, a tree, a leaf, the wind, the moon, the stars, the night, the sun’s heat on your skin, the eyes of your beloved, the heart of a friend that lives across the country, the source that breathes the air in and out of your lung, the intuition to be with someone, or something, or not, the love you feel so expansive, it lives within and outside of you, the heat of the energy you put out of your body, the healing taking place in your kidney, the experience you know your about to have, the  experience you had before you arrived here, the lovely sound of your baby crying, the silence that beckons for you to be with it, the song of the orchid or the air in the cup in front of you.

Its all for you. Your all for it.

Its all alive, its all frequency, its forever, infinitely, ours.

And all experiences, just are.

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