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Willingness to Participate in our Evolution

Last night I had a 3 friends over, and we were speaking about..

What does Willingness want for us to know?

How does it want to inform us in the world we live in today?

We checked in with consciousness, and again I was blown away by what came through

1. Spirit of Willingness wants each and every one of us to continue to raise our vibration and frequency with each second of each day to support the Oneness to raise its collective level of consciousness. Consciousness itself evolves through us with us and because of us and our own evolution. It is a mutual ever evolving relationship to everything.

2. Willingness want us to Trust in the evolutionary paradigm shift from "me" to "we" continue on our path of letting go of the individual "I"-dentity and instead to deeply commit to what happens with one, happens to the do we want to be? how do we want to Love? how do we want to communicate with heart in good times and when it feels difficult?

3. Clear Loving Kindness came through again, as it did earlier in the day. Kindness....Kindness....kindness.

How we will be kind to each other in this evolutionary shift that we are encountering so quickly with those who have not woken up yet? How will we gather with others of different levels of being so clearly and filled with so much loving kindness, so that the WAY the conversation is being had becomes the motivation for growth vs having to find consensus over what we are focusing on with our language?

4. There is a Bravery that is being asked of us. A Fierce bravery in doing what the Big Agenda is calling for. To shift our focus off of "me", "you", "them" and instead focus on the Unification of the Divine Being of the whole. To focus on the Whole of Humanity. What is calling you forth? Who are you becoming as you here this Fierce calling?  How will your steady focus on the Whole of Humanity support the One's evolution?

Love and Joy,


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