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The UnConditioned

What would it be to create a world from the deep friendship with the infinite Presence that lives within each and every living thing, a collective holding of the space for the pure potential to show itself, via miraculous Soulutions within our time here, in our bodies on this planet?

What would it be like to Collectively, together, no matter the distance between “us”, no matter the time…we engage in the alignment of our focused awareness’s towards a common intention to raise the level of consciousness…to raise the bar of what it looks like to be here, together, to create a space of equanimity, of hope, and of course, of Love

The beginning of this blog is the Known.

I feel like I should apologize for writing it …it holds not charm, nor any new information.

Yet, leaving it, this known beginning of words pressed together to make a energetic picture provides a backdrop for the contrast of the difference between two lives lived..between two levels of consciousness.

We are, of course, at choice to pick the creational vibrational level of consciousness we wish to make a home in.

The Beginning: “The Conditioned Consciousness” aka Human Being

When we were little, our family taught us how to be.

How to be and act and feel and speak and walk and eat and what to eat and when. We were taught that we are a person, separate and individualized. We were taught how to think, what thoughts are good and what thoughts are bad. We were taught how to write down these thoughts in correct grammatical fashion, and how to speak correctly.

We were taught to be the best, stand out, be fierce and competitive, win number 1 prize in whatever it is that we loved to do.

We did a really good job at learning from our families.

Our families did a great job shaping us to be the best us we could be.

That state of upbringing is a “conditioning” …just a fancy word for the way we were programmed to behave.  A complex system of judgments, decisions, actions and behaviors that are either good or bad, right or wrong, funny or sad…

Im sure you are getting the picture.

That state of conditioning, or another way to say this…that usual state of consciousness ….is one that is personified..meaning an identity driven persona, a being that comes fully equipped with a story backed up by Y E A R S of experience and knowing’s. (example: I am Laura, a 47 yr old married female who was born in 1971 and lives in Bucks County who is a nurse, a coach, and a teacher. I have a good sense of humor and I consider myself to be fairly intelligent. I have 2 dogs and live in a beautiful home. I have a lovely daughter and a beautiful new granddaughter. I am from a family of 5. We had a childhood dog ETC….(story)

From an individual’s perspective, we create from a personified, groomed, conditioned self, a self who dreams of their own separation from every other living thing.

This person is enveloped within the mental framework of their minds and their thoughts that are constantly bombarding their awareness.

This person is then focused on these thoughts, ( the thoughts they believe they created) then is distracted and worried about the very thing they are thinking up.

This self is identified as a person, living in a body. A body that will one day pass.

The egoic self sees itself as temporary, an identity that ultimately leads to its untimely death.

And the timeline in which it looks at is forever looking into the future, the future of our own mortality.  (and sometimes backwards, re-living either moments of joy or moments of where we were victims, hurt, betrayed, lied to, not cared for or maybe even totally abandoned)

At the end of the timeline is our death.

The death of our body.

The death of an identity. The death of a personality.

The death of a small, separated self who spent years “working hard” to make it in this material world that does not have their back. A world of problems, in a particular time, in a particular space with the limitations of what the human body and mind can do.

And before we die, our ultimate show of success, was our accumulation of stuff.

The more stuff we accumulated, the better we must have been. A true success.

Now, I am not judging what I just wrote. I am not judging the American Dream.

 It may sound a bit sarcastic, but really, it is just a writing that is stating the facts of our conditioning.

In our last gathering this Tuesday we looked at the Unconditioned Consciousness.

The way of being that was UNCONDITIONED.

This state of being is not the Mind, it is not the thoughts and it is not the separated identity known as the self.

This unconditioned being is the awakening to the presence of the divine that lives deeply within our bodies as well as an energetic frequency in the collective consciousness.

And by Consciousness, im speaking about the vast, infinite, massive, spacious, energetic matrix of where the ALL is, that infinite field of potential that all things exist in, always.

This unconditioned being/level of consciousness is aware of its infinite Presence.

The Presence inside of us is available for us when we sit and be quiet.

 When we can sit and be without the mental chatter or formation of thoughts or memories or desires or needs…it is there.

I like to say…its right there…Under the Breath.

Close you eyes for a moment and empty yourself.

Be quiet in the mind or pay no attention to the mind.

Notice your breath. Your inhale, your exhale.

Notice how everything is working just fine, your breathing and senses are all intact and you don’t have to do a thing.

Now as your body is breathing and your mind is clear, place your awareness on the Presence.

When I do this, I notice this “sitting back” and “deeper” sensation.

There really are no words to describe this.

Its not a literal thing, or a mental thing.

You experience it. You don’t think about it.

This presence has been here forever. This presence in you was here before you were “here”, in this marvelous beautiful body.

This presence is here now, under the breath….

This presence will be when this body is no longer.

This is the being that Never Passes.

The only death here, is the death of the identity, or the death of the personality.

The dissolution of the I am ness….

The timeline of this infinite eternal presence of being vanishes.

It is irrelevant.

As is all thoughts and mental formations about what is good and what is bad, and what is right and what is left and what is increasing or what is decreasing…these are all irrelevant too.

In this level of consciousness, the story of what was, is no longer needed, or held onto. It is not that we do not deal with what was, it is that the One that is Looking at what was, no longer needs the story to define the Self that is looking now.

It is where there is an Awakening to the Deep Truth of which we belong to. 

It is to be Emtpy of the story of the Separate Self, and instead, to realize that within "you" lives everything, everyone, and every potential.

I am pure awareness, deeply grounded in love.

What freedom to create from this divine sense of infinite love. 

What joy is now present .

What Love is now available.....

A question by the great Moooji is:

“Who is the You that Never Passes”?

Do you know this experience?

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