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The Space of Grace

In the last several gatherings we have explored deeply the act of Being Aware of Being Aware inspired by the book by Rupert Spira.

Being aware of being aware.

Sounds simple, after all it is inherently present no matter what experience the small self encounters and yet, repeatedly and most often, overlooked and unnoticed. That is the un-noticing of being aware of being aware.

Think back to a most intense or wildly loving memory.

As you look, can you see that you were aware of that experience in the moment?

And as you look now, you can see that you are aware now of being aware then, and so then, you can in this moment, be aware that you are being aware of awareness now.

So obvious it is invisible ( no pun noted) and yet it is seems that for most it is just the invisible- to the mind and within the moments of daily life here, in the body. 

Rupert's book invites us to pay attention to that which is paying attention.

What is it that is aware of what we are aware of? What is that which is paying attention to what is occurring within that invisible awareness?

That awareness, Rupert likened to the light emanating from a flash light. I like to use it as a literal metaphor in the work. To show that the light emanating  casts shadows on our bodies on the white blank wall, illuminating and making known both the bodies depicted as the shadows AND the light encompassing all of the bodies--the light in between the shadows on the wall.  The illuminator as well as that which is illuminated.

The illuminated and that which is illuminating is the same thing. The deep, pure presence of awareness that takes up residence within us and all around us.

I like to think of Awareness as the Breath of God.

Because it is- the Breath of God.

As we inhale we breathe in the very life force illuminating that deep, luminous presence that lives within our bodies. And as we exhale, we breathe out Loving Presence of the divine that fills up the spaces between us, between our experiences and between all of our moments infinitely.

Im meditation, we come into intimate relationship with the Awareness, the Light, the Illumination that is Us, our true nature, and we allow, invite and feel its resonance reverberating between each cell and filling up the room all of us are supposedly occupying.

We sit, letting go of identity, story, memory, that which we know, the past and tomorrow. We sit in an ever expanding ring of resonance, sinking deeper and deeper, into the heart of our heart,  wide open, available to be moved, touched and or influenced through an elevated energy and are elevated to a god frequency.

We sit with our minds empty, or at rest, and in the stillness, we find god, we find ourselves, we find our eternal, unconditioned and formless Self.

We can be aware of being this awareness at any moment, as we walk in the park, or speak to our partner, we can walk and speak as the illuminatOR And we can see that which is the IlluminatOR “over there” in them too. Surrounded energetically by the same light of pure love

Breathing in the same light of pure awareness Exhaling the same light of love.

We are swirling vortexes of energy, in all different frequencies.

The more I get out of my own way and be the I, I am, the more "I am" speaks words through the neurology and biology of the body I occupy, and the closer to the truth that I am , is felt in each and every breath.

I am what I have been looking for.

There is no journey

There is no where to go

There is no- thing to do, or un- do.

There is just the being.

The being present to the I that I am

The Space of Grace

The Light of the Awakened, being inhaled and exhaled, forever.

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