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The Consciousness of Willingness's a good word. A word that one says YES to sometimes loudly and sometimes very quietly... A word whose meaning has the power to catapult us to a higher state of being via practice of doing, being or thinking or feeling something now that we once were not willing to do.

To be willing requires inner work, or to reflect on what we must now have in order to come closer to a state of joy, love or reason.

Its the place we take a courageous step forward on a hidden territory that now we are willing to look at and get lost in for a while.

When we are resistant to looking inside of ourselves, we are using up precious energy that we could easily be using expressing gratitude or Love with.

With the use of being willing , we free up energy which will quicken the facilitation of our personal spiritual awakening. We stop hiding, and uncover a hidden aspect of ourselves , and what we find instead is a marginalized or memorized way of holding the world at bay in fear of what we may just discover...only to realize that the discovery itself is the path to acceptance and a truth that is bigger than anything we think we have neatly tucked away, like when we put away our summer clothes nice and neat at the end of the summer moon, to remind ourselves next season how to dress and what to look like. Today in our gathering I asked our participants

What does Willingness want us to hold the space for? ( as a species)

What does Willingness want for us to take a deep inner look at for our world?

The group aligned energetically and here is what they heard, saw, felt, knew:

Willingness want us to surrender to the collective focus, a focus on what is important for all living frequencies here on this planet  and to see and be..first with a pure primary kindness, to lead with the ability to influence our little ones and instill this pure kindness within them within every interaction. Willingness would like to gift us the the Laws of Abundance, laws that gift collaboration from a heart centered communion within each conversation to better be able to have the conversations we have not been having, in an inclusive, universal language, living out our intended truth that all can identify with and a soul to soul conversation that crosses all boundaries or borders we currently have in place.. This is so we can be with our collective authenticity as a whole, versus seeing what is currently both externally or internally expected as definitions of success.

Willingness will transform you.

It will support you seeing yourself, your loved ones and everyone as willing to do the bold, the miraculous, the unexpected, the supernatural.

It will mirror your power.

It will reveal your ability to take a stand for the rights of every fellow divine creature.

It will soften and surprise you at the same time. 

What are you willing to be for the sake of the collective ?

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