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infinite you as a state of being

I have been facilitating offerings on Metacreation.....the new meditation...and as i have been facilitating, I realized how important it is to talk about WHO YOU ARE BEING when you are going into meditation. As a human consciousness, we are pre-programmed with a set of conditioned responses, attitudes, perspectives, beliefs and assumptions. This pre -programmed set of conditioning was given to us by everyone we came in contact with as a little child..We were taught what to feel, how to act, what to expect, what to think, what words to use to express ourselves, and what to believe. Even more importantly, we were taught  what was true and right, and possible. We were taught to see problems, and solve them, so that when we make it out into the world on our own, we would have the right skills to navigate our way through our life. 

Our elders did what they were taught to do, within their own container of conditioning, and passed their conditioning down to us.

If you enter into a meditation as a human consciousness with the set of preconditioned assumptions about what is possible and not possible (example: I cant heal myself !) and look for the problems and identify with the problems that arise ..(example: This is hard, I cant do this! I cant quiet my mind, I cant sit for this long, I cant stop thinking, I have to scratch that itch!) then..that is what you will find...a struggle, a hard time being with the meditation,  a difficult situation in which you must solve a problem and get it right.

so.....stop please...because i have an easier way. 

What is the easier way? 

The easier way is to enter into a meditation session as an Infinite being's Consciousness, not as a human consciousness. 

As an Infinite Consciousness, you walk right into a space of infinite possibilities and potential. you understand that there is nothing to get right and that you were born as an enlightened one, who wants simply to be reminded of their greatness. We, as Infinite Beings have the ability to re-wire our brains, (our programming) to new and improved thinking and can allow our bodies (our robot) to feel into situations in new and wondrous ways, ways that inspire us and get us up in the morning with excitement, awe and love for this life. There are no problems to solve here..just an option to pick a new potential from the field of quantum/consciouness/possiblity (whatever word you would like to choose) You release your pre-programmed fears, anxiousness, worries, bad body parts and surrender into the Unknown, a place where you were born from, a place where you can get to know your amazing kick ass self, one who can heal themselves, and create abundance in relationships, in love, in matter (material things) , in hope, in health, in everything. There are an infinite number of things an infinite being is capable of. Come to one of our classes and be guided into a meditation as an infinite being within a container of enlightened consciousness.. you can change your life.

Today's blog is just about one of them...

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