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How Meditation Elevates Your Energetic Field

How do I elevate my energetic field to a higher level of Consciousness?

Being in a state of meditation, which changes your energetic field- or frequency.

In order to do that, you drop the story of being an individual, a person, a personality and forget all of that..empty your mind of everything, everyone, every place, or every event or experience you have had and be Totally Empty-

Empty and alive . And while your body breathes for you, you allow the Pure Presence that lives behind the breathe to become primary, ( the body secondary) only to open your heart and allow the Pure Love to enter into your field. Elevating your vibe, and raising the energetic frequency within you and around you.

You see, the universe’s language is that of Frequency.

The universe does not speak English or Mandarin, or Chinese or French.

It speaks Frequency.

When you want to make a change in your life, your frequency must change.

Being in a state of meditation changes your frequency as you take your awareness off of the small self and put your awareness on the consciousness of Pure Awareness, the higher self

When you enter into an energetic field of No Mind, or No Problems… NOT as a human being, but as a Universal Infinite Awareness, you vibrate differently.

Your cells constantly change and renew themselves, however, in a meditation, as you enter into Pure Awareness…. the way in which the cells are being renewed is at a HIGHER FREQUENCY.

At a higher frequency, sickness can not survive. Problems’ importance dwindles down to nothing.

No one is renting space in your mind.

You are a catalyst for experiences to be experienced here. What experiences or magical moments you experience are a direct reflection of your level of vibration.

New vibration equals New Experiences- like out of the ordinary, draw dropping, total ecstatic new experiences, or weight loss, great skin, a remission, a new job, a new lover…

When you practice staying out of individuation or orientation that you are a human in a body and instead invite in and be with the Formless, Forever Awareness that we are, as the Original One, what you reflect- what you vibrate as,-what you attract to you- is different than the everyday.

Its more than that though- Its freeing, its pure joy, an open heart, a loving hand of the source creator walking with you and talking through you in every second you can stay as you Original Form.

When you have a passion and love for the Truth of who you really are, You are Free

Free from the illusion of “a person with problems” or as “one who struggles.

You are awake and aware that you are the infinite Awareness through which life flows through.

And Yes, you may struggle and things will not always go your way, and yet, you begin to notice…..

You can struggle and Be Free

You can have a diagnosis and Be, within a great Peace.

The person or body is struggling and may be not “well

But the one who perceives the one with the struggle or the one with the illness- is infinite, full of eternal  love

and always Present- waiting for you to remember who you really are again-

Not a body- Not a person- Not a problem- but instead, an awareness who IS.


Who you are is a Perpetual Being of Radiant Light - or the Shining Light of Loving Awareness


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