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creating from the quantum

We are connected to everything.

Have you ever thought about what holds the planet earth in orbit? How does the earth continue for millions of years rotating on its axis?

What keeps space….space?

Who are we, really,? And what are we capable of?

We are learning so much right now, living here. We are over the hump of the next new paradigm, and things are pretty exciting if you’re in the know.

That’s where I come in. I want to help as many people as I can, get in the know.. which essentially means..

Wake up.


Because it’s a magnificent life , understanding how magical and mystical and powerful you are, when you are awake.

When you’re aware, and  you wake up in the morning or go to bed at night, it is with anticipation and joy of that moment and then the next moment, and then the next.

You start to notice all of the many moments of now, during what we call a day, that is filled with awe- inspiring moments of magic and awesomeness…

like...the sunrise, the way a bird glides in the air with no effort, watching as a feather falls softly and in harmony with the wind down to the earth, the sun set, the shadows it makes, the moon and its luminosity, the song of crickets, earth worms and their tenacity to never give up....

Every second is magic.

You smile a lot

You laugh a lot

You have so much love on the inside , you can barely pretend to be “normal” anymore.

And you don’t want to pretend.

You’re so over that.

Because when you live in magic, and in the unknown space of the space that holds space together, magical, wacky, awesome things start to manifest and happen to you in this 3d reality

This thing called Space is not empty.

Space is full of information- energies and frequencies- these frequencies have information on it. This information is available for us at any time.

 Ever have a brilliant idea no one else has ever had?

Where did that come from?

One possibilities is that you downloaded it from all that is, from being an awareness in a field of consciousness.

You become an awareness, (just an awareness, no body) when you forget about your life, your body , your environment and time here on this 3d reality

You may have become an awareness without your body, lost track of time, forgot about where you were earlier and where you are going later and not even realized it!

When you day dream, and loose track of time because you are fantasizing about this new creation and get lost in the dream of it, when you forget where you are or how you are sitting or  how you can’t feel your body anymore, and are at the same time focusing on something in particular, you have dropped your 3d reality and have become an awareness or an elevated consciousness, lingering in the quantum field, downloading information to manifest into matter, all the way down here…in this 3d reality on this planet called earth.

In our class this week, we looked at the double split experiment which confirms that when we are not looking, everything is absolutely no where and is an infinite potential everywhere..both no where and everywhere, at all moments of now

The act of looking at a possibility, and focusing our attention on it, collapses the freedom the wave has ( all of its infinite possibilities) and creates one particular ( particle)  thing, or a piece of matter.

Some how, when we look, the electrons or photons know we are looking!!!...

Because they know we are looking, they collapse, another words, they lose their freedom to choose everything and instead,  are formed into matter, and, this occurs when we  even just have the pre- thought ..or the intention of wanting to create, before we even look.

We do not know how this works, and yet it is a rule of our universe.

Not only is this a rule of our universe, I just so happen to  have my own personal proof of this showing up in my life.

I have had so many creations come to be that I started to keep a log, (things we don’t understand can slip away more easily from our mind than those that we do understand)

I keep a log of all of the things I have created…those things I dreamed about, with intention and focus. Those things I put my energy on, those things I knew were a possibility in the quantum field, and that I picked firsthand to come into matter, and it did.

For example, my relationship with my new [ and fabulous] husband, Kevin.

I thanked the Universe daily for 2 yeas before we met. I felt so certain after focusing my energy within a wonderful, inspiring relationship with my perfect partner in the feelings of  joy and love for 2 years that I would get goose bumps when I meditated on this creation.

I knew Kevin was “out there” looking for me just as certain as I am in the knowing that where I sit right now,  as I write this article is called a “chair”

And, I felt such gratitude for this thing called life, that I can participate in from a creator’s mind, from an infinite knowing consciousness, that was not limited to a human consciousness (which is full of all the reasons I can’t have what I want), that I was certain it was done.

The miracle was Done. I was just in the feeling of it being done before it actually manifested in this reality.

Because I commanded it to be so.

And I have faith in my power to manifest any potential I focus on.

This gratitude is palpable, inside my body and outside of my body within the room I am meditating in.

I can feel the gratitude, and I swear, sometimes I can see the gratitude.

 The air looks different…kind of like when its really cold outside and you have the heat on very high in your home, and you open the door to let the dogs out..well you can see the waves of the heat against the cold air.

Like that.

Waves of gratitude look like that…small fine waves floating in the air…

And, I know so many who can share their own experiences of creating something in their lives from nothing… from  no thing ( that which is a pre photon or pre electron) in the double spit experiment when we are not looking.

This gives me such joy and excitement, not because of what I, as an individual can create, but because of, what we, as a species can create.

 What shall we put our attention to?

What is wanting to change?

What is wanting to happen to evolve our species in this moment?

I know we all have some fantastic ideas.

In my classes on Metacreation- creating from the quantum field as an awareness, we all have the opportunity to change.

We have an inner voice, a calling to us to be within a framework of and to participate in a higher consciousness.

Within that calling we are calling ourselves forth as a community to be within a higher consciousness together, to assist in the manifestation of a Deep Change that is waning to happen- to ourselves, our children, the climate, our planet ,our governing body, our laws, our values…everything

We are answering to the calling of being in a higher consciousness.

This ability to manifest on a personal level is just fine…but playing in and creating global change…now that’s a game I want in on.

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