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The valiant wind blows among the tree tops , whirling snow in all directions in this moment that I sit and write about the energetic connection living within and all around the true nature of all things…

the wind connected to the trees connected to the people who planted them connected to the geography of the land connected to the soil connected to the rivers connected to the clouds that create the event.

Without the clouds, the snow would not arrive.

Without the people, the trees would not blow.

Without the trees, the people and the clouds would not exist.

Everything is connected to everything, and everything is connected to the All.

Some of us whom walk upright are aware of the energies that live and move directly around our bodies, and some of us are not aware.

For those of us that are aware, we are gifted with the delight of playing with the energy and moving it on the inside, from energy center to energy center, creating a depth of vibrant aliveness that…

Feels so g o o d….maybe it isn’t a coincidence that the word good has an extra and additional sound we make with our mouths that is close to the meaning and word of god.

Once aware of this delightful field that lives within us and around us, we can learn how to expand our awareness, our attention, our energy, our intention....outward towards the rest of the world, making a positive impact… pushing joy into a room of people that may be expressing an emotional field of quiet somber; or expressing love through every cell and every fiber towards a loved one who needs a vibrant loving touch on their arm, or a look of knowing acknowledgment from our eyes, looking into theirs, seeing them and being present for the good and god that lives within them, and when our arms wrap around them within a hug, our hearts geographically aligning, they know they matter, we care for them and they are not alone, we are with them, always. Connected forever, just like the clouds and the snow and the trees.

This expanded awareness of the field of consciousness is always there for us, waiting for us to notice it, like a child who knows when their parent is paying attention to them. Consciousness knows when we are aware of it, and when we interact with it and co create a life with it.

When I say that we create a life with it, I am speaking towards 2 things:

When we create an internal life.

And when we create…

An external life, an expression of our inner reality, outside of us, in 3D.

This field of consciousness loves us and never ever judges us. It is not attached to what we want or what matters to us or where we are putting our attention. Once we understand the exceptional co creations that are possible when using this other way of creating intentionally. something new with the world, even more opens up to us.

Enter in, the collective consciousness.

The Energy of the world is available for us.

The Energy of the Cosmos is here and available with us.

 The Energy of all Life in all Times is present in this moment and we can harness it.

Literally. ( and energetically, spiritually, psychologically, psychosomatically, genetically, physically, immunologically, neurologically and all other ally's there are!) all of these "ways in" or pathways towards our greatness,  are our allies for experiencing our true power, our creatorship, our destiny, our true nature.

So, All of it.

Literally, is Available. For. Us.

The Collective Consciousness is an eternal presence that is awakening through us, whether we are aware of it or not…Its like knowing something is going to be trendy and you don’t know how you know it…or have a great idea for a new gadget, only to find out 3 other people in 3 other continents have recently had the same idea and already created it.

Or like when a group of people with a unified intention, align energetically in a global meditation and assert their power to create peace, or love or acceptance towards a country far, far away, and there is a scientific statistical decrease in crime and violence dramatically noted.

When we are aware of our energetic connection to ourselves, and then to other, and then to the Divine, and then we join forces with another who is also aware of their energetic connection to themselves, to others and the Divine, we collectively harness the MORE and  have a faster more powerful impact on everything. Thats one of the powerful parts of belonging to a group of people who work collaboratively to enhance our lives here, in space, everywhere

The More is part of the collective of the Source of all Life and It enjoys expressing itself and being known more by us.

For as we awaken to it, could it be awakening more too?

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