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Aware of Being Aware

We were conditioned to want. To need. To desire. To long for. To purchase. To like objects. To collect. To value objects. To have things. We were taught that the getting and holding onto these things is called happiness.

We were groomed to constantly look for experiences and things Outside of ourselves. Spend no time contemplating or looking in, instead we were taught to have experiences outside of ourselves.

Now, we can not, not have experiences.

Are you aware however, you are constantly aware of every experience you have?

When you are awake, dreaming or in a deep sleep, you are aware.

When you are happy, sad, at peace or in love, you are aware.

When you are at war, depressed or hostile, you are aware. 

No matter the experience, No experience can ever effect your awareness.Your awareness is constant, timeless, absolute and knowing.

Your awareness is never bothered or changed by an experience your identity has. Your awareness can never be removed, purchased, sold or forgotten.  No experience can ever veil the knowing your awareness has.

What is it to be Aware of Our Awareness? 

Awareness is in the background of every experience we have.

And yet, we never put our attention on the awareness…instead we focus on the doing, being, thinking, talking, walking, dancing, singing, crying, laughing, joy, needing, gathering, collecting, suffering,pain and the troubles of the world.

We spend all of our attention on things outside of ourselves.

Today we write about what happens when we become Aware of Being Aware- Awareness.

While we are here, we are taught to use our senses to perceive a reality we think is real.

And, our senses are limited- that is, we can not see ALL of what there is to see; Our ears can not hear all of the frequencies/or what there is to hear…and our brains sensor what it allows us to perceive so that we can focus, concentrate and or put our attention on one thing at a time.

And when we focus our awareness on one thing at a time or or numerous objects or experiences in the outside world, it is parallel to forgetting or overlooking our true infinite self.

That forgetting is felt to the separate self- even after all of that saving, gathering and collecting.

When the temporary sensation of Happiness eventually dissolves after a big outside purchase or experience… we find we may come to a crossroads.

Some of us will go out and get the next biggest fix of happiness via a material product or object, or experience of some kind.

And some of us will notice that the longing is different.. a new understanding or thought that happiness doesn’t live “out there” may begin to creep into the unused spaces of our mind and we may find ourselves saying..Now what?

What am I really looking for?

This longing of the fractured, separate, egoic self dissipates as we contemplate the nature of our reality and notice the want to return to the wholeness of who we really are, and may find ourselves longing for the knowing and the feeling of the Source of all that is, within every breathe we take, every walk we make and every word we speak.

So, let us take a moment here and reflect.

Are you aware of being aware?

Are you aware of being aware?

Close your eyes, relax and ask yourself this very question.

I’ll wait right here for you.

Are you Aware of being aware?

And can you become aware of the time when you were 3 or 8 or 12 years old?

Become aware that you are aware that you were aware then.

Was your 12 year old aware that she may have been feeling awkward going through prepubescence?

And as your look back at the 12 year old, and see that you are aware now, that she was aware then, what is it that is aware of her awareness?  (then? And now?)

We would say. well it is “ I am”  that is aware.

And then the question is ..Who is the I that is aware of being aware?

The I that is known to us, is the I that Knows

The I that is aware, is awareness itself.

It is I that is aware that I am writing this to you in this moment.

 It is I, that is aware that I feel at peace in this moment.

 It is I that is aware that I had a great time on Saturday night.

We use the word “I” to describe who is aware, and so the I that is aware ,is aware of itself being aware.

So “ I “ is awareness, Awareness is Aware of Awareness.

Our awareness is eternal.

Our awareness is formless

Our awareness can never be seen, or touched, or purchased, and yet it is the backdrop of Every Experience. Forever.

Awareness can not be collected, hunted down or sold.

Awareness is not an object.

And Yet, without Awareness, there is no Experiencing here.

It takes no effort to be aware of being aware.

You don’t need a degree, or a certification, or a special qualification to be aware of being aware.

And what is the point of being aware of being aware?

Ah, yes…the Point!??

One answer is that when we stop looking outside and sit in a meditation looking no where..

And breathe.

And focus on being aware of being aware, we tap into our True Nature.

We lift the focus off of the the worried, small self who is focused on problems, is anxiety ridden, egoic, embodied in form, that likes material objects within a world that we have been conditioned to…and instead we stop, breathe and become whole again.

We look within.

We be quiet.

Our minds rest. 

We sit and know.

We are whole, pure and full of peace and happiness.

Awareness, without the motion of the mind or activity of the body becomes primary. Everyday outside focus, becomes secondary. 

We become Aware of being aware.

Awareness is the Mind at Rest.

The Mind at rest is our true nature.

Our true nature is to know thyself as thyself is



At Peace

In Love with the All


Blissed out

And isn't that a point to consider?

To be at peace within a world that may be waiting on us and that peace.

To be happy with a buzz of high frequency we get goose bumps for no reason at all, Irrelevant of what is happening “out there”.

To be in love with All of life- every cell, every living thing..To raise your vibration where health is restored and homeostasis a normal every day thing.

No matter the story of our life. We can stop the repetitive, cyclical barrage of the same thoughts and the same everyday feelings, with the same problems and we and take a breather, and go in.

And become…Problemless.

We can meet our selves in the No-thing of No mind and be profoundly at ease.

No matter the memories of our childhood. We can stop , inhale and fall in love within a moment of No-one.

To let go of the story or the memory of who we think we are…and instead to come back to our True, ever present, ever loving, inherently whole, and fulfilled SELF.

To be aware of being aware.

To be aware of our illuminated, irreducible origin of the mind, unconditioned and Free.

And how would being aware of being aware serve me as a Mother?

 How would being aware of being aware guide me in conflict resolution?

 How would being aware of my true nature inform me as I walk, and talk, and love and laugh and make an impact here?

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