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Acceptance, nonduality and peace

This past Tuesday, our gathering was on the topic of Acceptance.

To Accept ourselves, our loved ones, our community, our country and our planet as perfectly fine, just the way it is.

( gulp)

I must confess up front, this one was a tough one for me.

Each week I decide what my next gathering topic will be by looking within myself to see what may be wanting to emerge or unfold.

I almost always have a bit of an idea, and that idea is safely tucked away in the background of my thinking brain, on the silent search to seek and find what will pop through into my field of awareness on this reality as a result of my looking, to support the teachings, the experiential inquiry and then the meditation on the subject that i will be providing.

And sometimes, supportive and creative ideas pop through in the next chapter of a great book, or in the song I hear next, or within the next conversation I have with a powerful, high vibrational friend, or a YouTube video that has captured my attention or through my sleep through mysterious, powerful dreams that my subconscious has very creatively crafted for me to remember and take a deeper look into.

In our dreams we are the Masters of Film, the creators of all things mysterious and the best suspense writers of all time. (because we have access to all things in the field of potential, including being Grammy award winning film makers!)

This week, I found myself resistant and struggling with finding clues as I went about my days.

And then I realized, I was resistant to the expression and even the idea of Accepting the planet just the way it is….  because of the turmoil our world is currently in.

I couldn’t get my mind wrapped around just “accepting what is”.

That resistance I noted had nothing to do with acceptance, and everything to do with the way in which I was VIEWING acceptance. I was viewing it with the perspective of a lower vibrational energy, feeling slightly victim-ish about the world’s climate and our current upside down paradigm of hierarchy.

The Resistance to “what is” was not acceptance. I couldn’t accept Acceptance until I accepted what is.

But I kept on. Writing and Reading and Thinking and Creating. And then, came the Tuesday that I Facilitated the lecture on Acceptance.

Out loud, in front of everyone, I told on myself.

I let everyone know that in this very moment I was asking the Divine to dissolve my personal identity when I sat on the chair in the front of the room, before I started speaking.

I asked the Divine to speak through me and give me the answers to the questions the little laura, the small ordinary minded self, wouldn’t be able to see and or answer. I surrendered the mind of Laura over to the Greater Mind and trusted it would come though me as I glided into a higher vibrational state of being and accessed the Mind of the All.

And when I surrendered my personal small story of how the world isn’t right, or good enough, and instead, allowed myself to access a higher, more positive, powerful, accepting vibration, not only did I feel the frequency of Acceptance flow through every beat of my heart, I felt such joy and gratitude, I had to wipe the tears of love away from my eyes during the lecture.

People in the room were crying.

Crying for the beauty of the possibilities Acceptance was offering up.

Crying for the recognition of what is possible, and for what is ours to do.

Crying as an outlet for joy, and for the relief of letting go of looking at our humanity through the lens of brokenness.

Acceptance was absolutely magical today.

You see, the very way in which I was viewing Acceptance was through judgment of a world that is not perfect, not in harmony (thanks to the human condition) and through Duality.

The climate is screaming at us. We cut down too many trees, we shouldn’t do that!

The carbon footprint is too big, we need to make it smaller!

The temperature is too hot, we must decrease the temperature of our planet!

Our leader it too dense…he must become more educated!

Notice the duality…too big + smaller; too hot + cooler, Too dense + smarter.


That is duality. (through judgment)

Acceptance is not duality.

To accept something the way it is, is absent of judgment of the way it could be.

Acceptance instead, is nonduality.

Acceptance is not comparing the way something is to the way it could be something else.

To be in Acceptance is to not seek the right way or the wrong way.

 It is not to judge something as left or right, or increasing or decreasing.

To be in nonduality is to see the interconnectedness of everything.

Hot and cold are connected.

They are both measurements of temperature.

Up and down are connected.

They are both measurements of direction.

Happy and sad are connected.

They are both measurements of states of being.

To accept the widened view and perspective of Acceptance in the way in which our mother earth sees, is to see the connection of everything, the interbeing, or interconnectedness.

Mother Earth does not care what the temperature is, it is not too hot or too cold.

Mother Earth does not care how many trees there are, to her, there is the perfect amount. She accepts exactly the number of trees that there ARE.

Mother Earth does not care if you lay flowers on her or urinate on her.

She does not feel proud about the flowers or angry about the urine.

The concepts of increasing and decreasing are just that, concepts.

Mother Earth does not hold onto these concepts.

To mother Earth, to grow corn is just as natural as to grow poison ivy.

The true nature of Mother Earth is free from these concepts

There is no birth or death, for anything, (including us) anyway, just a continuation of What Is

There is a continuation, a regeneration, a recreation, a re-wiring, a transformation, a co -creation. There is renewal.

There is perfection in What Is.

This is what Mother Earth knows.

Acceptance is seeing ourselves as the creator and the source of our happiness, the letting go of concepts that create duality and instead, to replace judgement with peace, and balance.

Our earth is transforming and regenerating. It is always continuing.

There may be a regeneration of a civilization lost to climate change, or, there may be a co creation to renew resources to promote health and balance.

Our climate is changing, and yes, it may impact our civilization, and how soon and how much is up to us, as a collective. And, the way in which we view our climate change, Matters.

For if we see the work to be done through acceptance, and not through anger or hatred, or being a victim, or though guilt or shame..but instead see the work that wants to emerge through us ,through acceptance of what is (an interconnected, powerful creatorship, or through, Love or joy, or Peace), then we can have a positive impact, perhaps even an extraordinary impact on the collective consciousness of the people who inhabit the earth who can make better choices every day.

We are the solution and how we view the Soulution matters.

The vibration in which we look at the world, matters.

What would being guilty do to improve the situation? How would Shame help out?

Low Vibes create Smallness, and an inability to adequately and creatively problem solve.

Once we choose a higher level of consciousness to look at climate change, as an example from guilt to willingness or from victim to neutrality, we become more available to access and create from the field of potential.

If someone was viewing climate change through the eyes of willingness ,what are they now willing to see that they couldn’t see before? What becomes possible now?

And if you were viewing climate change through the Eyes of Courage, how would that move you?

Higher Vibes create powerful impact on you, us and the collective.


Acceptance is a higher vibration that shows us that the consciousness or the energetics of positivity creates meaningful impact on ALL OF US.

When we awaken to our power, awaken to our truth, we have the understanding of and influence over energy, we can co create with the consciousness that creates remarkable, magical, extraordinary ideas and tools to support the earths transformation and prolong our own civilization’s existence and the existence of all other living life forms within this reality.

As one individual wakes up, they have substantial impact on supporting the awakening of others.

Just like in an airplane, when we are instructed to put on our own mask on first, then and only then can we be Fully Available to assist another, the same is true here, for our collective Awakening. Once you are fully open and available, then too, can you be fully supportive for the collective awakening that is happening right now.

When we wake up to our inherent truth, we are powerful. When we realize that our vibe provides us access to the Divine Mind and all of its wonders, we baptize ourselves in the flow of life, the flow of awakening, and we will be able to generate extraordinary thinking.

What level of energetic being is calling you?

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