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Let me start off by saying, yes, times look difficult and there may seem that there is a lot for us to do, to get things "back on track" or "back to normal" or "make the future bright again" or "make America great again".

That seems logical, doesn't it?

And I honor those among us who are activists, the ones who care for those who are sick, the ones who sacrifice their time and donate their money all in a concerted effort to make a change in the world for the better. To make a difference. 

Thank you.

As we sit in the what feels like a huge endless well of Uncertainty, what i notice, is that the well just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

The voice of these uncertain times is screaming and it is causing fear and anxiety within us.

I have been listening.

During the last 11 weeks I have been busy..integrating all of the wonderfully confusing paradoxes i have been holding for years now and in this moment seem to be crashing into each other begging me to answer a  new question.

What do i do with all of this? 15 years of study, self help, poetry, leadership, emotional intelligence work, coaching, therapy, philosophy, meditation, facilitation, falling, failing, getting back up, forgiving, not being forgiven, loving, being abandoned, betraying others,  being confused, manifesting a wild life, being asleep, being awake, forgetting and remembering, fighting, accepting, resisting and including it all.....

Now what?

The current paradigm of our 3d reality says that if we want change then we must first envision it and find a way to make it real. Also very logical, correct?

Here is the thing...

I know that this is no longer the answer for me in the level of consciousness i am currently holding in this very moment.

In fact, i would say that for this level of awareness, there is an understanding that what may very well be calling me, is to simply STOP.  and look into this world with new eyes.

One of my teachers taught me a quote from Henry David Thoreau., "Its not what you look at what matters, its what you see."

We can look out into this huge wonderful world and see chaos, fear, discrimination, illness, worry, uncertainty, or we can look out and be inspired by the very same things that cause that distress.

This time is an invitation to let go of the preferences or the needs to have things appear a certain way, and instead actually really embrace Unknowing anything, most importantly, to unknow the someone I think I am, that has to do something that a someone like me was taught how to do, in order to make change.

Read that sentence again, s l o w l y...

We can look out and see with a wildly new perspective as noone in particular, no matter what you know or don't know may just in fact, possibly be of service here.


 Because if we are looking or envisioning into the future for what we want ( not here now) or recalling the past of what has been ( not here now) to guide us, then we are waiting for something that we believe does not currently live here with us, Now.

And if we are looking within to who we wish to become ( not here now) or remembering who we used to be ( not here now)

We are in essence, affirming that which we are wanting,  is not here now.

We are in essence, affirming that who we wish to become, is not here now

Love is not here now.

Peace is not here now.

Equanimity is not here now.

Leadership is not here now

Awakening is not here now.

Here is what i now know... as the voice of uncertainty is rising to a scream heard across this nation and across the globe, i inherently know that Love Peace and Equanimity  are here NOW.

Leadership is E v e r y w h e r e.

Its right there, inside you, me , us we, noone...

and so i ask myself, with all that i know, and all that i have done, as no one, connected to everything...

How do i create true change here?

First, I do hold Faith.

Faith that everything that is occurring is occurring within the Stream of Divine Consciousness. And everything that has occurred, is occurring and will ever occur ( thus the constant streaming of nowness)is perfect. The idea of this blog is in the Stream and these words are in the stream and you reading it is in the stream and the thoughts you are having while reading them is in the stream and tear gas is in the stream and rubber bullets is in the stream and death is in the stream too.

And what if the answer within the stream that i want to the question Now What? means i do Nothing.

What if there is nothing for me to do. Not working thinking so hard my head explodes trying to logically fix this...

Because what if the someone i think i am could only do the something that the someone i think i am could only do from the place i already know and i dont want to work with what i already have done or what i already know...after all, UNCERTAINTY IS SCREAMING and Am i Listening?

What if there was Nothing for "me" to do?

But allow the Unfolding to Occur.

Just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly or crying ceases and a smile emerges naturally, we can get out of the way of the natural organic unfolding of all of life.

A child grows into an adult

A bee buzzes. It requires nothing of us. In fact, it be best if we just left them alone

We do nothing

Life unfolds.

No interference.

Nothing to fix.

Just being a witness to the effortless, emergence of an increasing dose of Love, and ever expanding view of true acceptance, of seeking joy in diversity, and holding onto this higher dream of equanimity being displayed endlessly in our days of solitude to embrace and cry tears of joy for, is enough.

And so am I

I am Enough

What if this evolved level of consciousness, which is Already Here needs no human intervention?

What if instead all that is being called for is a Whole Hearted Embrace with no intervention.

No opinion. No judgments. No Actions ( unless you do, as that is also part of the unfolding in the infinite stream of consciousness too and that is also perfect)

What if instead of this little "me" working to interpret, interfere, intercept, interrupt, could just stop and allow the Awakening of a new reality to be realized with no effort or interference from little old me in any way at all?

Because, lets face it, our interfering ways haven't done us so good anyway. 

Our default way of an animal in the animal kingdom with Consciousness ( with knowing) has brought us to this very place, after all.

And isn't this place quite exciting? Like an Invitation to the Ball of your has arrived! Its in the mail and Delivered...right to your door step or in your tv room. 

On Demand.

Now, once you receive the invitation you can:

Judge what is happening or Accept what is

See the Brokenness or Become Whole ( right now)

Preach what to do next or Effortlessly and collective rest  and celebrate in the influences of Love all over the world occurring right now.

Right now, a police officer is holding someone that has hated him for years

and being loved.

Right now, A nurse is helping someone die not alone.

Right now,.our African American community is being held in love

Right now, Our Caucasian community is being forgiven.

Right now, we are more cohesive then we have been in a long time.

Right now, we will not take "returning to normal" as an option.

Earth knows how to do this. To embrace what is. To be with what is. To see the perfection in Everything.

Mother Earth know that every passing storm, every flower bloom and every tree is perfect.

There is no interference from her. She never gets in the way of nature.

To her, there is the perfect number of trees. 

Everything occurring on our large screens is perfect too, ( metaphorically as well)

Mr. George Floyd

This man has agreed to allow the end of his lifespan to make a most Significant and impactful moment in all of ours. Globally

Mr. George Floyd has given us an opportunity to :

Embody Love

Include the hate

Accept the death of rampant exclusivity.

Trust the divine even in the most profound moments of injustice.

Honor the impermanence of Everyone and everything

So that we can catch up to the new expression wanting to be expressed through us.


And to have faith that, yes, even this moment, ALL OF IT, is for us, for humans, for consciousness,  for awakening and all that is ours to do or not do. Even unmerciful acts are for the evolution of how we SEE , not what we look at.

Let us Be with it all Wholeheartedly, Remarkably, With no doubt, No judgment. No interference, No resistance, no doing or undoing anything

Everything IS Divine,

Rather,  perhaps all that is ours to do is just Becoming Fully Present .

No attention to the small self, to the someone you think you devotion away from wholeness, rather instead, dreaming into full awareness, persona, no person, no poison. So that we may see What we Are, not who , but What we are. and What we are is the infinite magnanimous expression of pure LOVE.

To welcome in and hold the uncertain world of not knowing with Pure Love.

to choose to be Away from the habit of the thinking,planning, fixing, strategizing, working towards something  as a someone as a habitual state of a conditioned mind.

To move INTO, Love, Peace, Equanimity and the Leader within... that is always right there, inside of your beautiful beating heart.

And aware, there is no real speaking to feelings on this matter. Feel them. Feelings are meant to be felt.

Feel them fully and completely. For they belong not to you. They too arise and fall away, just like everything else:)

Love Love Love,


“Have you surpassed the rest? Are you the president? It doesn't matter. They will more than arrive there, every one, and still pass on.” ― Walt Whitman

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