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Leaves Shadow

Coaching for Awakening and Liberation

How to be with very difficult experiences
MeditationLaura Shoosmith
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Leaves Shadow

What you can expect from coaching with Laura

The Intention of this style of coaching is to give you an opportunity to be liberated from the world of problems, to embrace your life just the way it is and to end the circumstances of chronic suffering or holding onto a set of preferences.

Coaching is an invitation to stop trying to be a someone, needing circumstances to be a certain way in order to "be happy."

The illusion of being a someone (an identity- the small self)  tangles us up in a world of separate ego driven identities that like to be right and seen in a certain way.

Being willing to let go of the idea of what has to be or what needs to be in place, and instead , become willing to let things be just as they are, frees your energy to develop deep intimate relationship with Source energy!

This relationship harnesses great momentum in a life and life will begin to feel more effortless, natural and organic. 

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Laura is one of the most gifted meditation teachers I've worked with.  When I found out about her course, I knew right away I wanted to be a part of it.  Each morning for 9 weeks I looked forward to a teaching and meditation that helped to deepen my practice and reflect on meaningful topics.  Daily meditations kept me emerged, and accountable.  Laura's group Zoom meetings allowed for more in depth discussion and I felt safe to explore what I was feeling and learning about myself with her compassionate guidance.  My biggest takeaway from the program is to.  Surrender all of my strategizing, expectations and need to do or fix something with my limited mind.  "To just let go and let God." ~ K. T.

“The Dreamer Within Course” by Laura Shoosmith proved to be an enlightening course that helped to facilitate both my spiritual and personal growth. The 9 week course included daily meditations, audio recordings, videos and four 90 minute Zoom calls for live discussions of the topics. Laura’s weekly topics were well organized, deeply thought provoking and built upon one another. I personally found her approach perfect for those of us eager to go deeper in our spiritual practices. Laura has a natural warmth and is able to communicate very esoteric and complicated topics with clarity and ease. This course had a profound effect on my meditation practices and served to produce a paradigm shift in my way of thinking. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and highly recommend it.


Betsy B 

Laura Shoosmith learns, integrates and teaches meditation with an inquiry of self. Her home in the forest offered a quiet magical space for us to get still and know presence. As the world changed with Covid19, so did Laura in creating an online course call the Dreamer Within. In the comfort of our own homes we listened to spiritual talks and glided into meditation. Practicing daily for 9 weeks allowed me to live and walk a new paradigm of being aware of old stories that I don’t need any more. I can move on in my life fuller and brighter than my imagination could have ever imagined. Laura is a remarkable teacher. Her meditations are brilliant. Take the opportunity to sign up for any class that she offers!



Laura is an amazing spiritual guide. Participating in The Dreamer Within Course, I felt gently taken by the hand and led down a continuously unfolding path of opening, releasing, and surrendering to my true self, over and over; surrendering into the unknown, again and again. The meditations encouraged a new awakening, a new awareness on a daily basis.


An instrumental part of the program for me was allowing myself to accept my life as it is – and as it has been – and as it will be. I have allowed myself to accept childhood traumas without banishing them from memory yet allowing them to simply be. Noting. Noticing. And I have allowed myself to accept and release the judgment of regret of some recent choices, which have kept me stuck and focused on a past I simply cannot change.


Going through this program during the pandemic has opened me more deeply to surrendering to the unknown, and being at peace with what is, and the unknowable future. I am learning to let what comes, come, and let what goes, go. And, as I do that, I find the emptiness is filled with a bounty of grace as well as unexpected new joys and opportunities. With Laura’s guidance, I have allowed myself to have that “one taste” of true freedom, and with that, I relish a wondrous sense of expansion and unboundedness. I am living each day in gratitude for receiving this heartfelt transmission of wisdom and inspiration. ~ J.F




 co creative collaboration with consciousness.

" you + me "

20 minute teaching dialogue

15 minute discussion

25 minute meditation

for you, for us, for the collective 

$40.00 per private session





Freedom from needing anyone or any circumstance to change. Learn the Surrender technique. Get found by something greater than your imagination 



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